Zero One Odysseys

Official Arrive & Drive Vehicle

Zero One Odysseys

Official Arrive & Drive Vehicle

ZERO One Odysseys Named Official “Arrive & Race” Class for The 2018 BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400
Come race The Great American Off-Road Race in Las Vegas, NV

The Mint 400 announced today the return of the official “Arrive & Race” Class for the 2018 BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400. Through a multi-year partnership with Zero One Odysseys you can easily “arrive and race” The Great American Off-Road Race.

Zero One Racing has been the official Mint 400 “arrive and race” partner for six consecutive years, hosting celebrity racers such as the Red Bull Signature Series host Sal Masekela, Denver Bronco DeMarcus Ware, actor and respected road racer Patrick Dempsey, and actor/comedian Dax Shepard to name a few. The Mint 400 has a rich history of celebrity racers competing in “The Great American Off-Road Race™” including Steve McQueen, Chuck Norris and James Garner.

Zero One Odysseys is the premier off-road adventure group operating in Las Vegas, Nevada, offering single off-road adventures just outside of Las Vegas as well as and multi-day adventures that reach deep into some of the most scenic and remote terrain of the desert Southwest. Because of their responsible approach to the environment, Zero One Odysseys has specialized in providing off-road enthusiasts access to parts of the world hidden from the casual traveler. They take you to the places where history happened, where nature is still wild, and where people are real.

“Zero One cars offer an easy entry point in to off-road racing and now they offer and the economic platform of The Polaris RZR. Their team does a great job of handling all the prep, maintenance and pitting for you so you can just show up and race, without having to try and manage your own program. They make it easy for you to arrive and race,” stated Mint 400 CEO, Matt Martelli.

Zero One Odysseys is always looking for ways to cater to the untamed spirit in all of us. With Zero One Odysseys, you can climb into a professionally maintained off-road race vehicle at The Mint 400 and run a worry free race. Their professional staff prep and maintain the race car and give participants the thrill of a lifetime.

“We have spent years running tours and supporting race teams to perfect our program. Now we offer the ultra capable and economic Polaris RZR platform in addition to our Zero One buggies. You don’t have to spends years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to come race the Mint 400. You just call us and we handle everything for you from your flights, to hotels, to race logistics. Our “arrive and race” program makes it easy and safe and lets our clients concentrate on the parts that matter most to them – driving, partying and winning (in whatever order they decide). Our drivers have fun, we handle the stress,” said Earl Desiderio CEO of Zero One Odysseys.

Zero One Odysseys operates as a SPEC class, meaning it’s an even playing field and driver talent and strategy is the only advantage in the race. Limited Vehicles available so make your reservations now.

Contact Earl Desiderio at Zero One Odysseys
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About Zero One Odysseys
Zero1’s Odyssey packages offer single day, and multi-day, off-road adventures that reach deep into some of the most scenic and remote terrain of the desert Southwest. You’ll find yourself covering miles of challenging trails at speed utilizing a purpose-built vehicle, and experiencing a one-of-a-kind journey you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Zero1 specializes in two things: Adventure and Access.

1) ADVENTURE: The Zero1 experience has been carefully crafted to deliver a wealth of stories and memories to our guests. Our treks are singularly unique experiences; ones that provide exploits that simply can’t be matched elsewhere.

2) ACCESS: With Zero1, you’ll see parts of the world hidden from the casual traveler. We take you to the places where history happened, where nature is still wild, and people are real.

Zero1 combines these core priorities to deliver authentic sojourns into undeniable splendor. You won’t see roadside markers, “viewing areas” or or tourist attractions on our watch. What you will experience is unspoiled nature at its most stunning, and points of interest that aren’t on any map. Because we know it isn’t just about what’s out there – it’s how you get there.

When you take an adventure with Zero1, you’ll discover something in yourself. Getting behind the wheel of our tour cars is something only a few will ever experience, but the few that do walk away with something invaluable: Stories, confidence and friendships that will last a lifetime.