2019 Mint 400 Pit Rules & Regulations

2019 Mint 400 Motorcycle & Main Pit Maps

Move-In: Wednesday, March 6th @ 9:00AM
Move-Out: All pits located along the south end of the short course track must completely move out prior to the beginning of the Saturday afternoon race.  BITD Staff will assist you with this on race day.  All other motorcycle pits may remain in place for the duration of the weekend.
Location:  West of the short course fence, NORTH of Buffalo Bills. (2018 Alternative Pit)

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Move-In: Wednesday, March 6th @ 9:00AM
Location: Main Pit – Behind the Primm Outlet Mall

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2019 Mint 400 Main Pit Rules & Regulations

  • Camping – Camping is allowed in main pit, provided all members of your team entering main pit sign the release waiver.  There is NO charge. You will be assigned approximately a 25’x75’ space. That is your space. Whatever you can fit in that space is allowed.
  • Pit Vehicle Passes – Any vehicle entering the Motorcycle Pit or Main Pit must have a pit pass. Each team will receive four (4) passes for Motorcycle/Main Pit, four (4) passes for Pit A and two (2) passes for Pit B. If you have a Pit Pass for either Pit A or Pit B, you will be allowed in to Main Pit.
  • Pit Wristbands – Every person entering ANY pit, must sign the pit waiver and have a pit wristband.  There is only one pit wristband. You can sign the waiver and obtain a pit wristband at either the entrance to any pit or or at driver registration.

*Pit passes do NOT grant you access to the Jean spectator areas or parking on Liteweight or Ranch Road.  These roads will be monitored heavily on race day.

Can I camp inside the parking lot behind the Primm Outlet Mall (Directly West of Main Pit)?
NO. Please do not camp across from the Main Pit in the Primm Outlet Mall parking lot. Daily parking is completely fine but please do not block their entrances or use their trash dumpsters. They have their own security that will be monitoring their parking lot.

Will I be assigned a pit space number?
No but your class will be assigned a designated area to pit in. Please reference the map for placement. Grouping classes together allows our television and live stream production crews to better cover the race.

What day & time will PIT A open? (Camping is allowed)

All Races
Move-In: Wednesday, March 6th @ 9:00AM
Location: Please see the map.

What day & time will PIT B open? (NO Camping allowed)

Entrance to PIT B will be strictly regulated.  Each of the four races will have a unique pit pass.  For example, if you have a PIT B vehicle pass for Saturday, this will not get you in to the pit on Sunday.

Motorcycle Race
Move-In: Saturday, March 9th @ 5:00AM
Move-Out: Saturday, March 9th By 1:30PM

Saturday Afternoon Race
Move-In: Saturday, March 9th @ Noon
Move-Out: Saturday, March 9th After Race (No Camping allowed)

Sunday Morning Race
Move-In: Sunday, March 10th @ 5:00AM
Move-Out: Sunday, March 10th By 1:30PM

Sunday Afternoon Race
Move-In: Sunday, March 10th @ 1:00PM
Move-Out: Sunday, March 10th After Race