Camping Rules & Regulations

Dry RV Camping Rules & Regulations

By making a Mint 400 RV reservation, you and your entire party agree to be bound by the following rules and regulations. Refunds will be made available in full up until Monday, November 29th. After that date a $150 late fee will be assessed to all refunds. No shows will not be refunded.

  • TRASH – Please keep your area clean. There are high winds at Primm sometimes so please be sure your trash and recycle cans have lids. Campsites must be left trash free with no leaks of black or grey water. Fines will be assessed to sites with trash left behind!
  • QUIET HOURS –The Mint 400 Finish Line closes at midnight. Therefore QUIET HOURS are from midnight TO 6:00 AM. Please remember to turn off all outside TVs and radios and lower voices to a whisper at midnight to allow your neighbors a good night’s rest.
  • GENERATORS – Please, no generators between midnight and 6:00 AM. At MGMT’s discretion, music between 8AM and 11PM must be at a volume so as not to disturb other guests. Music language must be clean and radio friendly.
  • FIRES – Fires are not permitted on asphalt or dirt at Primm, only in raised fire rings with covers or smudge pots. Warn your children of the dangers of playing on or around the fire rings. Stacking of pallets for bonfires is prohibited. The maximum height of flames is 12 inches above the fire ring.
  • BBQ – BBQ’s are allowed but please dispose of spent charcoal briquettes and ash carefully in trash containers after they have completely cooled.
  • PETS – Dogs are welcome but please keep them leashed and clean up their poop. No pets are allowed in the main spectator area unless they are a certified service animal ON DUTY.
  • FIREWORKS – Fireworks or firearms, of any kind, are not permitted on Primm or BLM property.
  • CHILDREN – Children must be supervised at all times. Parents are responsible for their children’s safe conduct and any injuries or damage they may incur or cause. Unsupervised children who cause disruption for other guests may be asked to leave the park with their entire group. If you are under the age of 18, please return to your campsite by 10:00pm.
  • VISITORS – Visitors are only allowed from 8am to Midnight. Visitors are the responsibility of registered guest(s). All visitors must vacate the property by 10:00 PM. Visitors may not park in unused campsites. Please park in the general parking lot.
  • LOCK YOUR VALUABLES – Protect your valuables. Unattended items such as bicycles, coolers, refrigerators, etc, containing alcoholic beverages should be supervised by an adult or locked. Lock unattended camping equipment in your vehicle whenever possible. Primm Valley, and The Mint 400 are NOT responsible for damage or theft of your property.
  • ENFORCEMENT – Three strikes – you’re out. The Mint 400 event and RV camping are designed for families. This is private property and a private event. If you violate the rules listed above you will be warned twice. If a third instance occurs we reserve the right to evict you from the RV camping area AND event, with no refund due to you.