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Monday, February 27, 2012


Answers to frequently asked questions prior to the Final Information Packet being sent on March 8, 2012

1. Race Course: The course is 92-miles with 3 pits: Main Pit, Pit 1 and Pit 2.

2. There will be NO CAMPING ALLOWED at the Main Pit or Pit 1, however, there will be camping at Pit 2, unlimited space.

3. Main Pit Area will be designated pits, 25 ft. x 75 ft., no reserving pit parking at the Main Pit or Pit 1. More info to follow in the FIP. Space is limited!

4. There will be two (2) races, Race # 1 will start in the dark, less horse powered vehicles – 13 Classes, prepare to have lights on at the start.

Race # 2 will start at approximately 12 noon – 8 Classes. Most will finish in the dark, prepare
to finish with lights.

5. There will be a Time Trials event on Thursday, March 22, for Class 1100, Class 1400 and Class 1500. Team Ford will be giving the Team Ford Pole Award to the Winner of Class 1400 or 1500 with a $1000 cash prize and Team Ford Pole Award Trophy.

6. Class 1100 will be the first race vehicles off the line, Race # 1, that’s why they participate in a Time Trial event. Banning Motorsports and Drake Supply Company have generously put up a $1000 cash prize to the Class 1100 Winner of the Time Trials. Best In The Desert is giving the Class 1100 a Pole Award Trophy.

7. VIP Tents are available at the Main Pit, contact [email protected] for more information on
how to purchase a VIP Tent!

8. The Start each Time Trial winner will start by alone, after that side by side start.

9. There will be a lot of activities on Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas, we are working on the Schedule of Events and will post it soon. Come early on Wednesday for an exciting Trick Truck Fremont Street Parade and autograph session beginning at 7pm!

10. At this point in time we are trying to fill the rooms at THE PLAZA. Registration and the Drivers Meeting will be held at The Plaza and they have good paved parking. We would like you to book your rooms at The Plaza to meet our block but also, good paved parking lot. 800-634-6575, group code MINT400 Please keep in mind we need to fill all of the rooms on Fremont Street rooming list to maintain the support of downtown.

11. The Awards Presentation will be a Brunch on Sun. at the Golden Nugget beginning at 11 am.

12. The DRAWING FOR START POSITIONS is Wednesday, March 7th, you must have a good original entry form and deposit in by March 5-6- to get in the draw! Remember, an INTENT IS NOT an entry form, you are not entered in the database as an entry off an Intent, we need a good entry form, no faxes! We only send the FIP after the draw when you have a good entry form in, we will not send a FIP packet with only a fax. Also, the deadline to get your name in the Event Souvenir Program is March 8th, right after the draw the list goes to the printer!

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