Into the Fray: Jaden Cottrell

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Off-Road racing is a family sport with multiple generations of families racing together. Rugged Radios founder Greg Cottrell was introduced as a kid to off-road culture by his father Mel and has built a thriving business that is now a cornerstone of off-road racing culture. His son Jaden Cottrell took his first step to become a third-generation off-road racer by climbing into a race car at the legendary Mint 400 continuing the line from his grandfather, to his father, and now to him. Listen to Greg describe the experience of passing the torch to his son and what The Mint 400 experience means to him. Climb into the car with Jaden and feel what it’s like to race The Mint 400 in Class 11, a stock VW bug, and hear firsthand what his experience was like.