Kids Tech

Mini Mint 400 Youth Racers,

Thank you for your patience in receiving this information.  As you know we want to give all of our youth racers the full experience of the Off-Road Festival, but couldn’t allow them to be police escorted with the adult classes from their staging location at Cashman Field a mile away. The good news is we have secured a dedicated parking lot for off-loading youth racers.  

Off-Load: Off-Load of all youth classes (UTV’s and Motorcycles) will be located on the Northeast corner of 6th Street and Ogden.  Please note you are responsible for escorting your racer across Ogden to the start of Tech in front of the El Cortez on 6th street. 

Race Vehicle Pick-Up:  You will pick up your race vehicles at the end of tech located at North 11th & Stewart

Please see the below map of the Off-Road Festival. You will see that the offload parking lot is directly across the street from where the police escort drop off is for adult classes. 

Again – please utilize the crosswalk and crossing lights to escort your child and their race vehicle across the street. 

Please do not drive your race vehicles on any other surface street in the downtown area. That is not allowed.

Mint 400 staff will assist you in getting your vehicle in the tech line. 

Click here to download a map of the below map.