Media Credential Request Application

Mint 400 Media Credential Guidelines

Media Credential Request Applications is now open.  Please read through the guidelines as you scroll down to the application. 

Click here to read our Mint 400 Editorial / Team License Agreement.

Welcome to the 2021 BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400! Safety for our spectators, racers, volunteers, TV production crew, event staff, and media is paramount at The Mint 400. The following Media Guidelines are being provided to you to ensure that you understand your obligations as a credentialed member of The Mint 400 media. If you have any questions not answered here please contact [email protected].

Media Point of Contact
Christy Melville
[email protected]

Credentials are required to shoot on any part of the course during The Mint 400 race. You do not need credentials to shoot any of The Mint 400 festivities, however you may need a film permit from the City of Las Vegas to shoot in other areas of the city. The BLM and Mint 400 Staff reserve the right to remove credentials onsite if any policies or procedures, safety or otherwise, are violated. Media access to The Mint 400 race is a privilege, not a right, and your access can be revoked at any time.

No media credential requests will be accepted in person. No exceptions. You MUST register online.

Age Requirements:  You must be 18 years of age or older to be credentialed by The Mint 400. No exceptions. Children, friends, or other non-credentialed persons may not accompany you either by foot, or vehicle into the restricted area. Anyone caught “shuttling” non-media persons will have their credentials immediately revoked and may be cited by law enforcement. 

Media Credential Request Application 
Each individual requesting media credentials needs to fill out a Media Credential Request Application. If you are a media group, a request application must be filled out for each individual.  You can register your entire team by selecting how many media you need to register at the registration link.  If you are an accredited media news outlet, please contact [email protected] to submit samples of your work and a letter of assignment to cover the event at no charge. 

Credential Fee
The cost for media credentials is $150 per credential and is non-refundable.  The Mint 400 will review all credential requests and we reserve the right to approve or deny any application. We require all media to pay for their credential fee as part of the application process. 

Submitting a media credential request does not guarantee media credentials.  

  • If you are granted media credentials, see you at onsite check-in!
  • If you are denied media credentials, your payment will immediately be refunded.

Onsite Check In
Details on how to obtain your credentials onsite will be sent out when/if your application is approved.  You must show a valid government issued ID to receive your credentials. 

Mandatory Media Safety Meeting – Details regarding the mandatory media safety meeting will be sent out closer to the event. 

At onsite check in, you will be issued the following identifications.  You must show a valid government-issued ID onsite to receive your credentials. They may not be picked up by a third party, including a representative of your group.  At the time of credential pickup you will be issued:

  • (1) “Guest Media” Credential – This is to be worn around your neck at all times.
  • (1) “Guest Media” Vest – You will keep this vest and use this vest for all future Mint 400 and UTV World Championship events.  If you lose this vest, you will be charged a $50 replacement fee at the next event.  No media will be allowed to wear personal vests.
  • (1) Waiver Wristband – This is to be worn around your wrist at all times.
  • (2) Media Placards –  Please display your supplied media vehicle placards on the front and rear windshield of your vehicle at all times.
  • (1) Media Flag – These flags must be mounted to your vehicle at all times.
  • (1) Guest Media Access Map – A map of approved Guest Media locations on the race course.

All media personnel must wear the proper identifications to access The Mint 400 racecourse.  Failure to do so will result in revocation of your media credentials and you will be required to leave the course. This is a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) requirement AND IS NOT OPTIONAL.  When you enter the media areas ALL persons in your vehicle must be credentialed media.

You Must Sign Two Documents in order to be credentialed:

  • Mint 400 Release Waiver – Each individual approved for media credentials must sign the required Mint 400 Release Waiver before credentials will be issued. Please bring a government issued photo ID with you.  This can also be signed ahead of time.
  • The Mint 400 Editorial / Team License Agreement – Each individual approved for media credentials must sign The Mint 400 Editorial / Team License Agreement in person before credentials will be issued. Media licensing is strictly enforced at this event. You are NOT being granted a commercial license.  Click here to read our Mint 400 Editorial / Team License Agreement.

Commercial Licenses – The Mint 400 name, image, likeness, and all photos and video footage captured at the race(s) are the exclusive property of The Mint 400 Race Corp. It/they may not be used, co-opted, co-branded, sold, transferred, copied, shared, re-shared, re-posted or used regardless of any social media platform sharing policies without a commercial license from the Mint 400. If you or a client of yours needs a Commercial License please contact us prior to the event. Any company that uses the Mint 400 name, image, likeness, and/or photos and/or video footage from the event without permission will automatically be billed a commercial license fee. Click here for more information on Mint 400 Commercial Licenses. 

Aerial Drone Policy – There is absolutely NO flying of radio controlled “drones”, “quadcopters”, or “helicopters” at The Mint 400 by Guest Media.  Period.  End of discussion.  Don’t ask. The answer is no. This is in keeping with BLM regulations, Clark County and FAA requirements. Our insurance will not allow it. Mint 400 STAFF will be flying their drones – that is not a signal you can fly yours.  Don’t do it. 

Media Classes – “Guest” Media and “TV / Film” Media

There are two classes of media at The Mint 400:

  1.  “Staff” television film crew and photographers –  The Staff film crews have additional access to areas NOT permitted to Guest Media.  “Staff” vest holders shall have the authority to request that Guest Media move if they are deemed to be unsafe, or obstructing television cameras’ view of the race course. Please do not block the Live Stream cameras.
  2. “Guest Media” – Includes any/all media who are pre approved professionals credentialed by The Mint 400 wearing a Guest Media vest.  Guest Media may be asked to move from a specific location for any reason by BLM personnel, and/or Mint 400 Staff. Media credentials may be revoked (with no refund due), for any reason at any time including but not limited to: unprofessional behavior, unsafe behavior, and/or ignoring the requests of safety workers and/or BLM.

Mint 400 TV / Film Crew shall have the authority to request that Guest Media move if they are deemed to be unsafe, or obstructing television cameras view of the race course.  Please do not block the Live Stream cameras. 

Race Teams – In the interest of fairness to all race teams, NO RACE TEAM PERSONNEL are eligible for Media Credentials allowing them access to the racecourse.  No exceptions.  Race team members may NOT leave the designated pit areas to photograph or film the race.  Competitor team members may NOT leave the designated pit areas to document the race – doing so will result in time penalties. Your sponsors may not repost, reshare, or reupload video and photos of you at the Mint 400 for the purpose of marketing their products and services without a commercial license from us. If you’re concerned or confused about this call us! We’re happy to help. 

Mandatory Helicopter Pilots Meeting:  If you will be in a helicopter, you must pre-register them here: www.themint400.com/helicopters There is a mandatory helicopter pilots safety meeting.  Details regarding the mandatory helicopter safety meeting will be sent out closer to the event.  Attendance will be taken. We will review safety guidelines, discuss media rights, and offer suggestions for shooting locations. You must be credentialed to attend this meeting.

Safety and Best Practices for Photographers and Videographers 

GUEST MEDIA are required to stay back AT LEAST 50 FEET from the racecourse at all times. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO STAND IN THE RACECOURSE FOR ANY REASON. If you are found on the course or within 50 feet of it by a Mint 400 or BLM official, your media privileges will be immediately revoked and you will be required to leave the event. You are also not permitted to drive on any part of the racecourse at any time. No Exceptions. Use common sense when picking your spot to film or shoot from. The outsides of turns are very dangerous! Do not under any circumstances stand on the outside of a turn or cross the racecourse when a competitor is on course. 

You are not permitted to drive on any part of the racecourse at any time. No Exceptions. 

Alcohol / Drug Policy: The possession of alcohol or drugs by Guest Media, or being intoxicated while in the restricted area at The Mint 400 is strictly forbidden. It is a federal crime to be in possession of marijuana on BLM managed land, including the Mint 400 racecourse and restricted areas. No exceptions.

No UTV’s / Motorcycles / RV’s: Guest Media are not allowed to access the racecourse using UTV’s, motorcycles, quads, three wheelers, or other motorized vehicles including RV’s and large oversized trucks. Light, medium and full size passenger cars and trucks only. Anyone caught driving a UTV or motorized vehicle in the open desert is subject to ticketing, arrest, and/or fines including having your vehicle impounded. 

Access to The Mint 400 Qualifying and Racecourse

Qualifying is NOT at Apex in North Las Vegas this year. It will take place at Primm on Friday after the start of the Limited race. To access the race course place the car placards in your front and rear windows and your flag on your vehicle prior to entering the Qualifying or Race areas. Everyone in your vehicle must have a bib, wristband, and credential – no exceptions. 

  • Please do NOT deviate from the marked roads and parking spots indicated on the provided map.
  • Guest Media may not mark vehicles inside the spectator areas unless they purchase and display a spectator parking pass. 
  • Please do your best to avoid blocking the view of those spectating when working near those areas.

You must have your credentials to access the Qualifying course.  Do NOT drive your vehicle into the open desert!  Remain on marked roads always! DO NOT PARK ON VEGETATION OR YOU WILL BE TICKETED BY THE BLM. 

Park your vehicle in the designated parking areas and walk to areas that are safely accessible to the Qualifying racecourse. 

HELP US PROMOTE THE MINT! Please hashtag #mint400 and tag @themint400 on your posts, photos and videos – and when possible select the Mint 400 locations in Vegas and out at Jean and Primm. This helps us track our engagement and stoke sponsors out.  THANK YOU! 


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