Mint 400 Contingency Vending FAQ

Who are my contacts for contingency information?

Israel Stone ([email protected]) and Scott Moore ([email protected]) will be your primary contacts for tech and contingency information/questions leading up to the event.

Rusty Baptist ([email protected]) will be your on site contact on Tech & Contingency day.

Please contact Matt Martelli ([email protected]) or Kilian Hamlin ([email protected]) for additional sponsorship opportunities or any questions/concerns beyond the information provided below or outlined in our guidelines.

How do I purchase booth space?

  1. Go to and select your type of booth and total footprint size.  Please be sure to enter your EXACT dimensions (to the foot) inside your shopping cart.
  2. Crack a beer or pour a glass of wine.  A Mint 400 representative will reach out to you regarding the next steps!

How does placement work?  Can I pick where I want to be placed?

The Mint 400 rewards premium placement and choice of location on Fremont St. and PRIMM to official Mint 400 sponsors.  Please contact [email protected] for sponsorship opportunities.
Moving 200 vendors into Fremont is a monumental task.  Contingency placement is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Meaning, as soon as you have completed the checkout process in our system, you will be placed in to queue for placement.  A Mint 400 representative will call you prior to the event to discuss availability along the contingency route.

I want to be placed next to another vendor.  What do I do?

If you wish to be placed next to a specific vendor, both vendors must register at the same time (hence entering our system at the same time) and make note in the check out process of who you wish to be placed next to. This does not guarantee that you will be placed next to each other. We try our best to accommodate all requests, but we cannot guarantee exact placement because of the Fremont Street layout (curbs, fire hydrants, handicapped parking spaces) and city codes.

I don’t want to be placed next to a specific vendor.  What do I do?

We are hip to this.  We will do our best not to place two vendors selling similar products next to each other.

What is the contingency route?

The ODYSSEY battery Mint 400 Contingency route will be similar to previous years and utilize the two parking lots between 8th and 10th street.  Again, vendors will have the opportunity to discuss their placement on the route with our staff in the order at which we received your Contingency order.

When is load in and out for placement?

A Mint 400 will contact you with your scheduled load in/out time for both Fremont St. and PRIMM.

What are the hours of contingency? 

Tech & Contingency opens at 9am and closes at 6pm on Friday, March 3rd.

Vending in Primm opens at 6am on Saturday, March 4th and closes at 10:00am on Sunday, March 5th.

I want to make the most of my contingency experience.  How can I stand out and increase my sales?

The Mint 400 is all about activation.  Promoting your presence at contingency before and during the event is crucial.  We suggest creating an interactive experience for Mint 400 race fans including giveaways, raffles, contests, coupons, games or anything else that will attract people to your booth.  TV screens and music are allowed, provided they are at a nominal volume and don’t disturb the vendors next to you.

I am selling goods.  Do I need to pay Nevada state sales tax?

You must account for ALL sales during your stay in Nevada and report them to the State for sales tax purposes.  This includes spaces in PRIMM. Nevada state sales tax forms will be supplied to you ON SITE at load in.

Are there any items I am not allowed to sell at contingency?

Prepared food, beverages (including alcohol), fireworks, firearms, weapons of any kind, materials of adult nature or any items prohibited by state and local law are prohibited from being sold at The Mint 400.

Can I vend in Primm on race day without vending on Fremont St.?

No.  Vending in Primm is only available to those who vend on Fremont St. on Friday, March 3rd.


What if my booth space changes size?

If your layout changes after you book with us, please contact us right away to update your layout space.


What should I do with my trash?

You are responsible for any/all of the trash in your immediate area. Please do not fill the city trash cans with your waste. There are dumpsters located in the Llama Lot across from Atomic Liquors. Help us keep costs down by picking up your trash please!  

My booth is near a fire hydrant or handicap access.  What should I do?

We cannot block fire hydrants. We cannot block the flow of pedestrians. And we must not block the ability for those in wheelchairs to cross the streets and use the cement ramps. Please be sure your display is set up within the area allocated and does not impede pedestrian, ambulance, or handicap access.

Can I have a BBQ, open flames, or heater to stay warm?

There are no open fires allowed on Fremont or Primm. No BBQ’s – gas or charcoal, no propane heaters, nothing with flame. The Fire Marshall will be walking contingency checking for open flames.