Oakley: Dropping Bombs In The Desert

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


For the first time ever in Desert Off-Road Racing the prestigious Oakley Bomb Award is being given out to the racers clocking the fastest lap at the 2012 Mint 400. Drivers in three different classes will take home a heavy duty “bomb” trophy of their own to commemorate their scorching lap time.

The Oakley Bomb Award has traditionally been given out to short course off-road racers however Oakley is exciting to allow the Desert drivers a chance to test their mettle and show what they can do over challenging terrain of the 2012 Mint 400 course. Drivers can get their “Bomb” by nuking the rest of the field and throwing down a top lap time in one of the three clases listed below

Fastest Lap in Unlimited Class

Fastest Lap in Limited Class

Fastest Lap in 1600/2000 Class

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