Pit Crew Challenge Rules

Official Rules of the AMSOIL Pit Crew Challenge

What: The 2020 AMSOIL Mint 400 Pit Crew Challenge
Who: The top Unlimited Truck and Baja Truck/6100 Trucks in the sport.
When: Thursday, March 5th @ 7:00pm
Where: 9th & Fremont Street

First Round Match-Ups

Unlimited Truck Class
#7 Menzies Motorsports vs. #41 Lofton Racing
#62 Team Ready Gunner vs. #27 Team Ford
#19 Herbst Motorsports vs. #78 Chattanooga Whiskey
#32 Seaspan vs. #88 Sourapas Motorsports

Baja Truck
#244 Lovell Racing vs. #272 Nevrslo Motorsports
#224 Householder Motorsports vs. #209 Pete’s Camp Racing

All teams entered in to the AMSOIL Pit Crew Challenge will use their own race vehicles.  All vehicles must be race ready or you will not be allowed to complete.

3 man/woman crew.  The Mint 400 will provide one Pro Eagle jack and one impact gun.  Teams are to provide at least one spare tire.

  • 37″ Tire Minimum
  • 5 Lug Nuts Minimum – If one car has 5 and the car has 6, racer may remove one of them.
  • Lug torq 65lbs before and after
  • No lug spacers
  • No glued lug nuts on wheels
  • No extra lug nuts
  • No limit straps to limit travel.
  • All vehicles must be race ready.
  • 3 tires on the ground at all times (single point jacking only.)

Each team of 3 starts in the staging box with impact gun, jack, and one spare tire.  Teams start with their hands in air and all equipment on the ground within the starting box. Teams must carry the jack from the starting box to their vehicle and swap one front tire and one rear tire. Both teams will be timed individually in case of penalties.

First team back to staging box with impact gun, jack, and one spare tire and all 3 members with hands in air wins.  Equipment must be on ground within box.  The fastest time wins.

5 sec penalty per loose lug nut
15 second penalty for missing lug nuts

***Unless otherwise noted, all regulations and decisions are made at the sole discretion of the competition director.***