Lap Mileages & Distance Between Pits


*All mileages are calculated to from the stop/check at the entry of the Limited Pit.*

Distance Between Pits (Car/Truck Course)
Total Loop = 107.08 miles

Primm —> Pit A = 33.85 miles
Pit A —> Pit B = 32.73 miles
Pit B —> Primm = 40.5 miles

All four wheel vehicles will bypass the moto pit and only go through both the limited and unlimited pits.

Distance Between Pits (Motorcycles)
Total Loop = 80.83 miles

Primm → Pit A = 23.70 miles
Pit A → Pit B = 25.43 miles
Pit B → Primm = 31.70 miles

All motorcycles will bypass the unlimited pits and only go through the limited and moto pits.