Racer Information

The information on this page is vital for all racers and teams and will be updated constantly as it becomes available. Please bookmark this page & refer to it prior to contacting us with questions. If we know it, it’s HERE.

Schedule of Events:


  • Race Registration – Race registration is now open.  Click here to begin.
    • Need to make changes to your registration?  Click here!
  • Parade Registration – Parade registration opened to registered racers on this page on August 20th.  Unfortunately, the parade is full at this time. Every year, spots open up closer to the event.  If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please email [email protected].
  • Timing & Scoring Transponders – Your Timing & Scoring Transponders are part of your entry fee. Your transponders are rentals and will be assigned at onsite registration and will come with two heavy duty zip ties. You will be responsible for properly mounting this transponder to your vehicle in the correct location.
  • Tracking Units – Your tacking units are part of your entry fee. Your tracking units are rentals and will be assigned at onsite registration.
  • Pre-Order Race FuelVP Racing Fuels is the exclusive fuel sponsor under for the UTV World Championship. VP leads the market in new and innovative fuels like UTV96 that will make more power and resist vapor lock over typical pump gas. You can pre-order your race fuel on this page.
  • Compete in The Military Challenge – The Military Challenge is open to all competing racing teams.  You do not need to be a veteran or active duty in order to compete.  Click here for more information.
  • Team Helicopter Registration
  • Racer Camping Registration
  • Hotel Discount Codes


Race Information:

Pits and Course Information:

  • Course Map / GPS Files
  • Course Marking Guide
  • Pit Information Guide
  • Pit Support
    • BFGoodrich Tires – BFGoodrich Tires will again be providing complimentary pit support and tire services to competitors racing exclusively on BFGoodrich tires across all classes.  Click here for more information.
  • Waivers
  • Lap Mileages and Distance Between Pits
  • Start/Finish Line, Pit A and Pit B Closing Times

Tech On/Off Load & Escort Instructions:

  • Off-Road Festival Map
  • Adult Tech On/Off Load Procedures (Motorcycles & UTV’s)
  • Youth Tech On/Off Load Procedures (Motorcycles & UTV’s)

Specific Youth Race Information:

  • Youth UTV’s Race Information
  • Youth Motorcycle Race Information