Onsite Registration Guide

Onsite Registration Guide

In order to ensure a smooth and fast onsite registration, we please ask all changes to your registration should be made by February 28th, emailed to [email protected].

Onsite Registration is at The Western:

The Western
899 Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Wednesday, March 4th: 3:00pm – 6:00pm (Qualifying Classes Only)
Thursday, March 5th: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Friday, March 6th: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Click here to see what days you should tech & register onsite.

Please be kind!  All of our registration staff are volunteers, donating their time and doing the best they can. There will be a wall set up with basic racer information like course mileages, number of laps, pit information and rules & regulations for you to review. If there are no answers to your questions, they will all be addressed in the Drivers Meeting on Thursday, March 5th @ 5:00pm at the Main Stage / Pit Crew Challenge Lot.

There are 6 basic stations at onsite registration:

1. Registration Check In (All registered Racers): You will be greeted by our staff to immediately check you in to our system. You will be given a “Racer Checklist” to make sure you complete all stations and immediately sent to Station 2. Driver of Records will also be handed your Vehicle Safety Inspection Form for tech.

    • Changes:  If you didn’t send your changes to [email protected] by February 28th (come on!) and still need to make a change on the entry list, you will be given a “Change Card” to make the necessary changes before you are allowed to Station 2.


2. Timing & Scoring Verification & Transponder Assignment (Driver of Records ONLY): Here, we will do one last check to make sure that all of your information is correct in our Timing and Scoring system. If you have a “Change Card”, you will present this to our representative at this station. You will also be assigned a transponder number – This will be installed by our staff at Tech.

    • If you are not a Driver of Record, you can bypass this station and go straight to racer portraits


3. Pit Pass Assignment (Driver of Records ONLY): Next, we will assign your your pit passes. Each team will receive four (4) vehicle pit passes for their main pit, four (4) vehicle pit passes for Pit A and two (2) vehicle pit passes for Pit B.

Here, you will also be given (8) tickets to The Mint 400 Midway (Start/Finish line) to get your crews in to the start line.  If you need additional tickets, you can purchase them here

    • If you are not a Driver of Record, you can bypass this station and go straight to racer portraits.


4. Racer Portraits (All registered Racers): We will be taking portraits of all registered racers for our Live Stream and Television Show. These photos integrate straight with our Timing & Scoring system, so no need to hold up a piece of paper with your name as in previous years.


5. Driver Gifts (All registered Racers):  Next up, we will give you your driver gift. In addition, all registered racers will receive a commemorative decanter ticket. Our staff will staple this to your Racer Checklist.

    • Please note, you will be given (1) decanter ticket. If you are under 21, you will be given an empty decanter. Since we cannot distribute alcohol, that ticket will be taken to the Fiesta Room inside El Cortez Hotel & Casino on 6th and Fremont and be given your commemorative decanter in exchange. If you would like to purchase more, they will be available for sale in the gift shop.


6. Waiver Signing and Wristbanding (All registered Racers): Here you will sign our ONE waiver and be banded with a racer wristband.

Great news!  We have ONE waiver you will need to sign at onsite registration.  However, you can take care of that today and not worry about it onsite.  This is the same waiver that your pit crews will need to sign to access the pits, so please pass this along to all your crew members so they can take care of this ahead of time as well.  You will still need pit passes for your vehicles that will be assigned to the Driver of Record at onsite registration.   
Once you sign the digital waiver, a confirmation will immediately be emailed to you – All you will need to do is present this confirmation email with your ID onsite and you will be given your band.