Qualifying Rules & Information

Mint 400 Qualifying Information

Estimated Qualifying Course Distance = 4.22 Miles

Staging Access:  You will receive a “Q” parking pass to enter the Car/Truck Staging Area on Friday.  This goes on your Chase Truck and will be given to you at onsite registration.

Qualifying Drop Off = West of Primm Short Course, just after the Pit Entrance.
Qualifying Pick Up Location = West of Primm Short Course, just after the Pit Entrance.

Group 1 = Class 10 & Unlimited Truck SPEC
11:00 AM – Group 1 Staging
12:00 PM – Group 1 Sight Lap
12:30 PM – Group 1 Qualifying

Group 2 = Class 1, Unlimited Truck Legends & Unlimited Truck
12:30 PM – Group 2 Staging
1:30 PM – Group 1 Sight Lap
2:00 PM – Group 2 Qualifying

Course Cutting:  There will be several corners marked with cones to prevent short coursing.  You must stay between the cones at those spots or you may be subject to a time penalty.

Qualifying Driver – The driver who qualifies your vehicle must start the race on race day. The qualifying driver will be given an additional wristband at onsite registration that must be worn during both qualifying and the start of your race. Any team that fails to have their banded qualifying driver at the start line will forfeit their start position and be moved to the rear.

Co-Drivers are Mandatory – YES, a Co-Driver is required for both qualifying and race day.  Details on how to add your additional drivers can be found on this page.

  • Mechanical Issues During Run – If you have a mechanical issue during your qualifying run, pull as far off the course as possible and notify race ops via the Weatherman Channel ASAP. DO NOT pull back on to the course or limp around to the finish as you may impede a qualifier behind you.
  • Additional Runs – Drivers may be given an additional run if their qualifying run is affected by the driver ahead of them.  If you have been held up on your lap, return to the Start line and notify race ops staff immediately. Granting a repeat run is at the discretion of the Race Operations Manager.  Additional runs will not be given for mechanical failures.
  • Course Cutting – You must remain on the marked course at all times. Departure from the qualifying course may result in disqualification and forfeiture of your qualifying position.