Mint 400 Race Registration

Race Registration for the 2023 BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400 is now open.

Before registering, please review the Registration Guide below to successfully register for the event.

There will be a draw for qualifying & race start positions in 2023.  The draw date is set for Saturday, February 25th.  Register before Midnight PST on Friday, February 24th to be included in the draw.

  • Pit Crew RegistrationNew to 2023, Drivers of Records are required to register everyone in their pit, prior to the event.  Every person entering a pit must have a “Pit Crew” Wristband.
  • Registration Changes
  • Refund Policy
  • Entry Fee Increases:
    • Thursday, February 23rd – All entry fees will be charged a $250 late registration fee.
    • Monday, March 6th – All entry fees will be charged a $500 late registration fee.

Race Registration Guide:

Step 1:  Create a free Off-Road Racer Profile on Off-Road Racer.com (all racers).

  • An Off-Road Racer Profile is required for all registered racers to race the The Mint 400.  Driver of Records will manage all aspects of their team registration inside their Off-Road Racer Profile dashboard.
  • The Driver of Record will register their team and pay the entry fee (Step 2) and ​invite​ their Co-Driver and Additional Drivers to be part of their team (Step 3). 
  • Great news!  The information on your Off-Road Racer Profile is tied to any future race entry.  Now, there’s no need to enter the same information over and over (and over) again or get all of your teammates information from them ahead of time – all their information required to race is pulled from their Off-Road Racer Profile as well and will be automatically tied to your teams entry.

Step 2:  Driver of Records – Select the “2023 BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400” event from the list of events.  Pick your class, race number and vehicle make.

  • If you are the Driver of Record for multiple vehicles, you can register them in same checkout process.
  • If you are an individual registering multiple vehicles on behalf of multiple Driver of Records, you will need to register them when logged in to their respective Off-Road Racer Profiles. In other words – registering as a Driver of Record is unique to each Off-Road Racer Profile.
    • For example, if you are responsible for registering Jim Smith for Unlimited Truck, Dave Johnson for UTV Pro Turbo and Scott Way for Class 11, here is the correct workflow:
      • Login in to Jim Smith’s profile > register for Unlimited Truck > log out.
      • Login in to Dave Johnson’s profile > register for UTV Pro Turbo > log out.
      • Login in to Scott Way’s profile > register for Class 11 > log out.
    • This will correctly link Jim, Dave and Scott to their correct Driver of Record entries.

Step 3:  Invite your co-drivers & additional drivers by entering their email.

  • If the additional driver already has an Off-Road Racer profile, they’ll simply accept the invitation waiting for them in their Off-Road Racer Profile dashboard or email inbox.  They are now successfully registered as part of your team!
  • If they don’t have an Off-Road Racer Profile, they will be prompted to create one before they can accept your invitation to join your team.
  • You can remove/add teammates anytime before the race from your phone, tablet, or computer. 

All of your Co-Driver/Navigator and Additional Driver’s information will be taken from their Off-Road Racer Profile and automatically linked to your entry when they accept your invitation to race.

Step 4:  Check out, and get back to Netflix.

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