2019 Mint 400 Race Registration

Welcome to the The Great American Off-Road Race!

Race registration for The Mint 400 is now open to all racers.

Racers registered by Friday, February 8th will receive an official racers t-shirt with their entry.  The shirt order will be placed Friday EOD and once it’s in, we cannot produce any more. 

Registering for The Mint 400 Step by Step:

1) Click “Register” to get started. If you are registering multiple vehicles, you must complete this registration process separately for each vehicle.

2) Select your Driver of Record, Co-Driver/Navigator and any additional drivers BEFORE clicking check out.

3) Reminder – Your Navigator / Co-Driver and Additional Drivers must be registered along with selecting your Driver of Record entry before clicking checkout.  Scroll all the way to the bottom.  You will fill in their names and information on the next screen.

4) Click Checkout and follow the steps on the screen.

5) Once the checkout process is complete, no further action is needed.


Saturday Morning Classes: All motorcycle classes.
Saturday Afternoon Classes: 6000 Trophy Lite, 2000, 7300, 3000, 5000, 1100, 1200, UTV Unlimited, UTV RS1, UTV Sportsman, 7100 Sportsman, Vintage, Vintage Open, Class 11 Stock VW, 1700 Jeepspeed 1, 2700 Jeepspeed 2, 3700 Jeepspeed 3, 4700 Jeepspeed 4 and UTV Rally.
Sunday Morning Classes: 1000, 4400 Ultra 4, 7200, UTV Pro Turbo, UTV Naturally Aspirated, 8100 Sportsman and 5500.
Sunday Afternoon Classes: Trick Truck, 1500, 6100, 6200 and 8000.


Click here to register for the Motorcycle Race.

Click here to register for the Saturday Afternoon Race.

Click here to register for the Sunday Morning Race.

Click here to register for the Sunday Afternoon Race.