Stuff Your Stockings with Mint 400 DVD’s

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mint 400 TV Show

The Mint 400 is the oldest, roughest, most spectacular, and most prestigious off-road race in America. It was started in Las Vegas in 1967 and became the marquee off-road race that every racer and celebrity dreamt of winning. Known as “The Great American Off-Road Race,” the legend lives on, as each year the greatest off-road racers from around the world battle each other, and the ruthless 400-mile course for a chance to be a part of American racing history.

Mint 400 Anthology

Now you can own a part of history with The Mint 400 Anthology complete with the last four years remarkable bumper-to-bumper racing. This exclusive documentary coverage of the race, features stunning 4K and HD cinematography. Feel the power of these incredible vehicles from the passenger seat! Watch as racers fall away, embroiled in the agony of defeat, and share in the glory of victory! A Martelli Brothers film. Produced by Mad Media – the largest, most experienced film crew in off-road film production. This is “The Great American Off-Road Race”! The series set comes just in time for the holidays and is the perfect gift for any off-roader. The Mint 400 collection includes years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 in one beautifully packaged case.

2010 Mint 400 DVD  2011 Mint 400 DVD  2012 Mint 400 DVD  2013 Mint 400 DVD

Years 2010-2013 of The Mint 400 are also available for individual purchase. Visit the online store at Race-Dezert.com and stuff your Christmas stockings with The Great American Off-Road Race.

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