The 2012 Mint 400 Official Spectator Map and Spectator Rules and Regulations

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Casey Folks and the Bureau of Land Management have worked together to set up some spectacular spectator areas for the general public to view 2012’s Mint 400. As shown on the map, spectators will have a great view of the action. Spectators are reminded for everyone’s safety the following rules and regulations must be followed:

Click Here To Download The 2012 Spectator Map PDF!

General Tire Mint 400 ~ Spectator Rules and Regulations

For your safety and to protect the desert environment persons MUST NOT:

1. Spectators are not allowed to park in any other area outside the BLM designated spectator area and may not go outside the BLM designated (5) spectator areas.

2. Spectators must not park any vehicle in violation of posted restrictions, or in such a manner as to obstruct or impede normal or emergency traffic movement or the parking of other vehicles, create a safety hazard, or endanger any person, property or feature. Vehicles so parked are subject to
removal and impoundment at the owner’s expense.

3. Spectators are subject to a ticket by BLM law enforcement if outside the BLM designated spectator area.

4. NO ATV’s, NO Motorcycles, NO Bicycles, NO UTV’s are allowed to be ridden in any spectator area.

5. Spectators must not operate any vehicle, including an off-highway vehicle, which is not legally registered for street and highway operation, including operation of such a vehicle in spectator viewing areas, along the racecourse and in designated pit areas.

6. Spectators must not allow any minor child to be out of their sight or playing near any traffic areas or racecourse. Spectators must not allow any pet or other animal in their care to be unrestrained at any time.

7. Spectators must not be in possession of any alcoholic beverage unless that person has reached the age of 21 years and is not driving a motor vehicle.

8. Spectators must not sell, give or otherwise provide any alcoholic beverage to a person that has not
reached the age of 21 years.

9. Spectators must not discharge, or use firearms, other weapons, or fireworks.

10. Spectators must not cut or collect firewood of any kind, including dead and down wood or othervegetative material.

11. Spectators, PLEASE leave your area clean. Pick up and carry out your trash! To keep the desert open to enjoy you must do your part and keep it clean.

12. Spectators must follow the direction of the Best In The Desert Official, these areas are permitted areas under the supervision of Best In The Desert and the BLM.

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