The Mint 400 TV Show Reaches New Milestone​

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Mint 400 TV Show Reaches New Milestone​
Show reaches 500,000 viewers around the United States

This May, the 2018 BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400 powered by Monster Energy television show aired on ESPN’s World of X on ABC Sports. The show received a .5 rating, which equates to 500,000 views from around the United States, making it one of the highest rated stand alone off-road shows The Mint 400 has ever created.

“Year after year, we continue to invest all of our resources in to producing the best television show in the sport. This is the best rating our documentary show has ever received and it is proof that we are just beginning to break the surface in exposing off-road to new viewers. It’s pedal down now,” said Mint 400 CEO, Matt Martelli.

The show will be available in the coming weeks for free on YouTube. Relive the The Mint 400 and watch 400 of the world’s top off-road racers wage war during the most grueling and challenging race of the year. See BJ Baldwin, Bryce Menzies, Rob MacCachren and more go door to door and battle each other and mother nature.