At CryoHeat, we are changing the way that your metal parts perform.  Imagine a 50% or greater savings in service, repair and replacement of metal parts while generating greater dimensional stability and thermal dissipation – allowing metal to become stronger and more wear resistant.  That is just the beginning of what CryoHeat Metal Treatment can do by relieving stress and changing the entire molecular structure of all metal parts that go through our process.

Our Micropolishing Process brings the roughness average value to a 2 or less, allowing the metal to move with almost zero resistance, dramatically reducing the friction that causes heat and drag that slows down the parts. This process helps achieve faster speeds and power gains.

With over 40 years experience in the motorsports industry, both behind the handlebars and in manufacturing, CryoHeat founder and metallurgist Josh Lahaye has over 20 years of experience in metallurgy and cryogenic processing, making him an authority on this cutting edge proprietary process.

Our customers rave about the cooler operating temperatures, greater speed and performance, increased service life and incredible strength of their parts in strenuous situations; from over 1,000 mile off road racing to 1/4 mile drag racing with 10,000 horsepower.
If you can stretch it, wear it out, break it, or burn it up, then you need CryoHeat Metal Treatment to give you the strongest, fastest metal.