Dapperman joins The Mint 400 as lifestyle product sponsor
Dapperman grooming products joins the growing list of non-endemic sponsors
getting involved in “The Great American Off-Road Race”

The Mint 400 announced the addition of Dapperman grooming products to the growing list of non-endemic sponsors and vendors for the 2018 BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400. Dapperman is a specialized men’s grooming product company featuring naturally derived, plant based ingredients. They produce a full line of mens grooming products including a variety of hair styling products, a naturally derived and original 1930’s formula pomade and their signature “Righteous hold”- matte clay. Also in their line is an Egyptian black beard oil & beard balm as well as a variety of organic soaps. Dapperman believes life is fun and you should look good while you live it!

Dapperman’s motto: LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD.

Family owned and operated, based in Southern California Dapperman is a sponsor of off-road racer Josh Daniel and Rally-cross racer, Tanner Foust. Dapperman will be displaying its full line of men’s grooming products at the massive Odyssey Battery Mint 400 Tech & Contingency right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas on Fremont St. East on Thursday March 8th and Friday, March 9th from 8:00am – 6:00pm. Bring your friends and family, the event is free and open to the public.

Dapperman CEO Jordan Cochrum will also be making his off-road racing debut at The Mint 400, piloting the #6178 Dapperman race Truck with co-driver Tim McCormac & Chris Voorhies. The team is supported by OTSFF-Sports Marketing Group, Temac Construction & Hypercar performance.

“The Mint 400 is the perfect marketing platform for lifestyle based product like Dapperman. I am stoked and honored to not only be a sponsor but to be racing in the 6100 class. I have been involved with off-road racing for years and love what The Martelli brothers have done to grow the sport. Sincerely thankful!” founder and CEO, Jordan Cochrum.

“More brands are realizing the huge untapped opportunity of off-road racing as a trendsetting lifestyle culture. Much like action sports, off-roading is a strong culture which makes it a powerful user group to grow brands with. Our consumer base have a lot of disposable income and are highly loyal to the brands that support them,” stated Mint 400 CEO, Matt Martelli. “I have been using Dapperman products daily for years because they work great and are natural with no chemicals.”

Come visit Dapperman at Contingency and check out their full line of Men’s hair care products Thursday March 8th and Friday, March 9th at the Odyssey Battery Tech & Contingency on Fremont Street East and Saturday, March 10th 2018 at the Primm Valley Mint 400 Start/Finish Line in Primm, NV directly behind Buffalo Bills Casino.

Ask for Dapperman at your local barber or directly online here: www.dappermanbrand.com

About Dapperman
We all need leaders and role models in our lives. In our case, that would be our father and mentor Steve Cochrum, The Dapperman. A true gentleman at heart who founded Dapperman in 2007. His discovery of a 1930’s pomade formula, void of petroleum and chemicals, inspired him to make naturally derived products to make you look good and feel good. It’s our commitment to continue do the right thing and not cut corners at your expense. We won’t use unnecessary additives and ingredients that you don’t want or need.

At Dapperman we like to keep things simple. Our Mission: DO GOOD.

Within every man there is a gentleman. Beyond the noise there are values that need to be remembered, need to be celebrated. Dapperman is about having the confidence to be an individual. To stand up in the face of adversity, and to make the world a better place for those around you. Our business is founded on simple principles: respect, not contempt; pride without ego; lead, don’t follow.

At Dapperman we embrace the positive role models, we respect the men who lead. Life is full of challenges, full of choices. At times, let Dapperman be your reminder to be a leader, to be a role model. At times, simply let Dapperman be an inspiration to be your best self and: