Stand 21

Stand 21 was established in Dijon-France in 1970 by Yves Morizot. Yves’s vision made Stand 21 the world leader in head to toe, made-to-measure racing gear. The secret of Stand 21’s success is due to Yves Morizot’s business model that applied the following strategy: Identify a true need, then Stand 21’s in house R&D Department will conceive and develop products that will fill these needs. With 150 employees worldwide, Stand 21 products are hand crafted within Stand 21’s own factories, exceeding the most rigorous safety and medical standards required by the FIA, SFI, the Snell foundation etc.
Stand 21 offers its products to race car drivers through its exclusive Stand 21 network.
This strategy, based on high business ethics delivers Stand 21 products in over 50 countries. That is why Stand 21 supplies safety equipment to top racing teams in FIA, NHRA, NASCAR, OFF ROAD, and more.
From its introduction and as per the choice of the HANS®device’s inventors Robert Hubard and Jim Downing, Stand 21 has been one of two licensees and manufactures and distributes its own exclusive HANS® product line worldwide except in North America + Mexico.
Stand 21 holds the exclusive license for racing drivers’ equipment with Porsche Motorsport and Corvette Racing worldwide.
Yves Morizot dedication to motorsport safety made him create a non-profit foundation that is exclusively dedicated to motorsport safety: www.racingoessafer.com. This foundation is a bridge between the medical and scientific knowledge and their direct motorsport safety application. By conducting safety conferences with Doctors, Engineers and Professors, the foundation raises motorsport safety awareness through education.
For almost a half century while faithfully applying its philosophy, Stand 21 built and earned impressive safety credentials, thus becoming the top safety choice in motorsport worldwide:
– More than 10 Formula 1 World Championship titles
– 5 Indianapolis-500 wins
– 15 Le Mans 24-hour wins
– 5 Indycar Championship titles
– 2 NHRA Top-Fuel titles
– Several world championship titles in rallying, touring cars…
Stand 21 is proud, most importantly, to have earned the trust of thousands of race car drivers worldwide,
who have selected Stand 21 as their favored safety brand.
Not bad for a start, but the biggest part is still to be written with you!
There are many reasons why you should consider Stand 21 products:
– An half-century of customer care in supplying scientifically advanced safety racing equipment produced in Stand 21’s own factories.
– Stand 21 is a world leader in made-to-measure equipmentfrom head to toe for the race car driver.
Stand 21 never compromises its ethics, integrity and commitment to deliver the finest safety products through its exclusive distribution network.
We stand for safety and quality.
Some more reasons…
– Stand 21’s presence at the race track, insures direct feedback so that we may better address your needs.
– Stand 21 consults with prominent medical professionals and engineers, to provide you with proven and efficient products that are scientifically tested.
– Complete customizing services (design, embroidery, helmet painting…).
– A workforce of over 150 associates across the world.
– Fastest turnaround time for special order in the industry.


Finally, Stand 21’s unique approach is totally focused on its customers, adapting its products and services to match their specific requirements.