Mint 400 Tracking Rules and Regulations

Mint 400 Tracking Rules and Regulations

Click here for our tracking announcement with details on tracking.

For the safety of all of our racers, tracking is required for all vehicles, including motorcycles, that are racing at The Mint 400.  The cost to rent the YB tracker for the race is $175 for Saturday racers and $250 for Sunday racers, per vehicle entry.

Rent your tracker here

  • Once we adhere the tracker to your race vehicle you are responsible for it. This includes if it is lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged.  The unit replacement cost is $1,000. Please bring a major credit card to tech and contingency and sign our CC authorization form. You will not be charged a deposit fee. This will only be used in the event the tracker is lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged.
  • Trackers must be returned on the day you race, either at the finish line in Primm behind Buffalo Bills Hotel OR at Terrible’s Hotel in Jean on Goodsprings Road and Las Vegas Blvd.   Look for the YB (Yellow Brick) logos and follow them to the return site.
  • Trackers that are not returned on race day are subject to a $50 per day late fee.

Please mail them to:
The Mint 400
Attn. Brandon Greene (YB Tracking)
29755 Kirsten Ln
Vista, CA 92084

  • Please use a shipping method that includes a tracking # such as UPS or FEDEX or First Class USPS and insure them for $1,000.  We are not responsible for units lost in the mail.
  • On Monday March 18th, any/all teams that have not returned trackers will be billed: $1,000 each.  They must physically be in our possession on that day or you will be billed the total replacement cost as we are required by contract to return them on that day or pay to replace them.