The 2020 Mint 400 Desert Clean-Up presented by Republic Services

The Mint 400, in partnership with Republic Services, has announced an industry wide desert clean-up event Saturday, February 29th in Jean, Nevada beginning at 10:00AM. The goal of the event is to unite the off-road community and clean up waste dumped illegally in the Jean area as well as promote sustainable habits and responsible public land use to improve Southern Nevada’s pristine desert landscape. The Mint 400 Desert Clean-Up event is presented by Republic Services, held in cooperation with the Southern Nevada BLM office.

We are asking participants to pre-register to account for supplies.

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What: The 2020 Mint 400 Desert Clean-Up presented by Republic Services
Who: Volunteers from the Off-Road Community & Local Las Vegas Residents
When: Saturday, February 29th @ 10:00AM
Where: Jean, Nevada. Event staging area located in Jean, Nevada, half-mile down on south side of Southern Nevada Liteweight Road (Mint 400 Spectator Area 2 in the rock quarry).

In 2017, Republic Services partnered with The Mint 400 for their inaugural “Dash For Trash” event. Volunteers removed 14.54 tons of waste from the Nevada desert in the Jean area, but the team identified more work to be done. The Mint 400 and Republic Services nearly doubled that number in 2018, clearing 22.06 tons (44,120 lbs.) of trash from our beautiful desert. Last year, the event had over 350 volunteers who removed 34.46 tons (68,920 pounds) of trash.

Combined, the event has surpassed 140,000 pounds in the three years.

This March the group hopes to grow these numbers substantially. The Mint 400 Desert Clean-Up presented by Republic Services will be focused around the Jean OHV area – land that is not only used for The Mint 400 race course, but also for numerous races throughout the year spanning multiple off-road organizations. The Mint 400 & Republic Services would like to invite all off-road enthusiasts and members of the Las Vegas community to spend a day in the dirt, cleaning up our race course and OHV areas.

Participants at the clean up will receive an official limited edition Mint 400 / Republic Services t-shirt and automatically be entered into a massive industry raffle that will include thousands of dollars in donated off-road parts, accessories and swag from industry leading companies. Additional raffle tickets will be for sale onsite and all proceeds will go towards the cleanup costs.

Companies looking to get involved or donate product to the raffle can email us here.

Participants are asked to bring their own drinks and snacks, plenty of warm clothes, sunscreen, and work gloves to protect your hands. You will not need an off-road vehicle to access the clean-up sites. Please pre-register using the online form to help us better organize this fantastic event. Thank you in advance for your support!!

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