Jean Remote Spectator Parking Passes

Jean Remote Spectator Parking Passes are longer being sold online.

Don’t worry - There are plenty of parking passes still available!

They can be purchased at the event at the following locations:

Onsite Primm Parking Pass Pick Up:

You can spectate The Mint 400 from one of our four designated spectator areas located in Jean, NV. A parking pass is required to enter each area. You are only permitted to enter the area for which you have a pass for. All four spectator areas are accessed via the Goodsprings Road Exit (The only exit in Jean) and are located off Las Vegas Boulevard on Ranch Road (SPEC1, SPEC3, SPEC4) and Southern Nevada Liteweight Road (SPEC2). Parking space in the Jean, NV spectator areas is limited and expected to sell out prior to the event.

Please note – The motorcycle race course does not pass through any of the remote spectator areas.


$40.00 per vehicle, per day.

Passes are sold separately for Friday and Saturday racing. If you want to spectate both days, you will need a pass for both days.

Sticker Application:

Jean Spectator Parking Passes must be applied to the outside upper corner of the windshield, on the passengers side prior to arriving at The Mint 400.

What IS allowed in the spectator areas in Jean?

What is NOT allowed in the spectator areas in Jean?


Spectate safely:

Do not under any circumstances leave the fenced spectator areas and travel onto the racecourse. Removal of Mint 400 and sponsor signs, banners, or signage is considered theft and will not be tolerated.  Keep your children close by and attend to them at all times.

Who do I contact in case of medical emergency? 

There will be Mint 400 security personnel at each spectator location.  If you experience a medical emergency, you should call our dedicated emergency dispatch number (725) 780-6197.

Jean Remote Spectator Area Descriptions:

Spectator Area 1 - This is the largest spectating area at The Mint 400 and features a mile long, high-speed straightaway that competitors blast through at lightning fast speeds.

Spectator Area 2 - Spectator Area 2 is one of the most popular spectator areas. It features a slew of jumps, turns, and obstacles and features a fantastic overhead view of all the Mint 400 off-road action.

Spectator Area 3 - Don’t sleep on SPEC3! This spectator area features large sandy whoops at high speeds that puts vehicles on edge.

Spectator Area 4 - Known for its high-speed passing zone with monstrous whoops, this section of Mint 400 race course was at one time the final stretch heading into the finish line.

Jean, NV Spectating Rules & FAQ

Email info@themint400.com with your order number in the subject line and we’ll take care of you!

In general, no, but if you have an emergency or other mitigating circumstances email info@themint400.com with your order number in the subject line and we’ll help you out.

No. Your parking pass allows you to bring in however many people fit legally, in a seat, with a seatbelt, into the event. We do not allow shuttling of any kind and you will be turned away or have your pass confiscated if you do so.

That’s fine!  If you wish to park in multiple areas on the same day, you would simply buy passes for each of the areas that you want to visit.

No, these spectator parking passes will not gain you entry into the paid parking areas in Primm at the Start/Finish line. Those are separate parking passes.

Yes, the spectator areas are in the dirt but accessible by any type of vehicle.

Approximately 10’ by 20’. In some areas there will be room behind your vehicle for an EZ up or shade structure.

Portable restrooms are in each of the spectator areas.

This is a leave no trace event!  Pack it in, pack it out.  Alternatively, there is a large dumpster to deposit your trash in at the entrance/exit of each area.  Please do NOT leave trash, food, or anything behind.

No. Only approved vendors can sell goods on federal land during this event.

Once you turn off Las Vegas Blvd onto Ranch and Liteweight Road SLOW DOWN.  The speed limit is 25mph and there are lots of law enforcement.

Parking attendants will assist you when parking. Parking is first come, first served. If you plan to spectate with a group, please enter the spectator area you have purchased passes for together. Due to demand we cannot allow parking spaces to be saved. Please do not go rogue – or your parking pass will be confiscated by security and you will be asked to leave.

If you have a spectator parking pass you have a guaranteed parking spot in that area.  Each spectator parking area has been carefully measured to ensure adequate parking.

No. Please do NOT park on any access roads in Jean including Las Vegas Blvd or Knight Ranch Rd.  Your vehicle will be cited and/or towed.

Head to the Official Start/Finish Line in Primm!  You can park anywhere in Primm for free, except the paid parking area behind Buffalo Bills.  There is an admission fee for entry into the midway, but it’s good for the entire weekend.