Join The Mint 400 Team

Join the The Mint 400 team by volunteering for one of our key positions for both the events leading up to the race and on race day! 

The legendary Mint 400 has a rich history of volunteer support. In fact, we simply could not operate this amazing event without the support of dedicated volunteers who return to help us each year.  If that’s you – THANK YOU! We appreciate each and every one of you!  If you’d like to be a part of The Mint 400 in 2020, there are two ways to volunteer:


There are four main categories of Mint 400 Race Operations.  All three are equally important to the success on race day.

  • Pit Captains:  Oversee all pit operations and volunteer staff for assigned pit. Ensure all pit procedures are being followed. Conduct morale checks on pit volunteer staff, rotate positions as necessary. Conduct periodic “pit walk throughs” to ensure pit crews are following safety procedures.
  • Stop Checks:  Flag race traffic to ensure that each vehicle comes to a complete stop before entering pits. Monitor for compliance and report infractions to race officials.
  • Road Crossing Flaggers: Monitor race traffic at paved road crossings. Ensure safety of race and non race vehicles by controlling traffic flow. Ensure all non race vehicles are stopped and held as necessary until the race course is clear to safely cross.
  • No Stop Checkpoint/Timekeepers:  Monitor race traffic at various course locations (course intersections, 90 degree turns, etc). Track vehicle times through the position and report information to race operations as necessary.

Click here to volunteer for Mint 400 race operations.


There are many different ways to help volunteer for The Great American Off-Road Race that doesn’t get you dirty and dusty!  Each year, we seek volunteers to help The Mint 400 events including:

  • Vehicle Parade
  • Off-Road Festival Crew (Tech & Contingency)
  • Pit Crew Challenge
  • Driver Registration
  • Driving Mint 400 Film Crew to Remote Locations on Race Course
  • Mint 400 Waiver Crew
  • Start/Finish Line Ticket Scanners
  • Mint 400 Rangers – The Mint 400 Rangers are former and current police, fire, EMS and military personnel with special experience they utilize to keep everyone at our event safe and to help in emergency situations.

Click here to volunteer for Mint 400 event operations.