Environmental Statement

Recreational off-roading and off-road racing are fantastic ways to escape the stress and pollution of the city. A way to get off the pavement and off the grid, and back to enjoying the beauty and freedom of exploring nature. Off-road enthusiasts don’t want to see trash out on the trail, anymore than hikers, backpackers, horseback riders or other outdoor enthusiasts. Packing out what we bring in and packing out the trash we find along the way is part of the off-road code!

We started the Mint 400 Desert Clean-Up in 2017 in partnership with Republic Services to show the world that off-roaders are responsible stewards of the land and to inspire others to take action locally to make an impact on illegal dumping. We chose to focus our attention on a beautiful section of the Mojave Desert, just outside Las Vegas in the Ivanpah Valley, that we use for The Mint 400, and that is used responsibly, every day by recreational off-roaders.

The vast majority of trash in this area is left by illegal dumping and compounded by recreational shooters who use the trash for target practice, making the situation much more dire by creating toxic micro-waste. Each year over 600 off-road enthusiasts, and local Las Vegans join the Mint 400 and Republic Services staff and help clean up this precious natural resource. To date, they have removed nearly 200,000 pounds of trash in this area!

Our goal is simple… We want to preserve open lands for future generations of off-roaders and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy through careful land stewardship, and when necessary cleanup and restoration. Our work in the Ivanpah Valley is just the beginning. If we work together as an industry and culture, we can make a difference. As we move forward we will continue practicing environmentally sound policies so we can sustain off-road racing and off-road recreation for decades to come.

“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.”

Don’t Trash The Desert.

– The Martelli Brothers

If you would like to participate or donate to The Mint 400 Desert Clean up you can find info here: https://themint400.com/donttrashthedesert/

If you are an off-road business we ask that you join and donate to ORBA. Together we are strong. https://www.orba.biz/join-orba/

If you want to learn about how you can make an impact in your area please join and donate to Tread lightly. https://treadlightly.org/