Primm Parking

All parking in the front of the hotels in Primm, NV is free but located furthest from the Start/Finish Line Midway. If you would like to park closest the Start/Finish Line Midway on the backside the Primm hotels, you will need a Primm Parking Pass.

Primm Parking Passes are longer being sold online.

Don’t worry - There are plenty of parking passes still available!

They can be purchased at the event at the following locations:

Onsite Primm Parking Pass Pick Up:

General Parking:

$20.00 per vehicle per day. General parking is located behind Buffalo Bills Hotel & Casino.

Gold Parking:

$50 per vehicle per day. Gold Parking is a reserved spot in front of the main Midway entrance.

Sticker Application:

Primm Parking Passes must be applied to the outside upper corner of the windshield, on the drivers side, prior to arriving at The Mint 400.