The Mint 400 Adult & Minor Waiver

Waiver Requirement: Essential for All

Participation in any aspect of our events, especially in restricted areas, is contingent upon signing our comprehensive insurance waiver. This is a non-negotiable legal requirement for: 

SAFETY FIRST: Prioritizing Safety in High-Speed Racing

At Unlimited Off-Road Racing, we prioritize the safety of our participants, media staff and guests, and the general public above everything else. Our events include high-speed racing in challenging environments, and demand a heightened awareness and respect for safety protocols. We race on undeveloped dirt roads, through diverse weather conditions, both day and night. These dynamic elements add to the excitement but also increase the risks. As such, we emphasize a collaborative approach to safety, where every individual plays a pivotal role.

No Exceptions Policy

We enforce a strict 'no exceptions' policy regarding the waiver. It is essential in ensuring the safety and legal compliance of everyone involved. This policy is integral to our operational framework and is in place to protect all parties.

Special Attention for Minors

For participants under the age of 18, it is mandatory that a parent or legal guardian co-signs the waiver. This additional step underscores our commitment to the safety of younger enthusiasts and ensures they engage in our events with proper consent and understanding.

Completing the Waiver

The waiver is accessible both online and at the event, however we prefer you complete our waiver online in advance of the event to improve our ability to move people into the restricted areas. Please read the waiver carefully as it requires your acknowledgment of the risks involved. Should you need assistance or have any questions regarding the waiver, our staff will be readily available to assist.

Our Commitment to Safe, Responsible Racing

At Unlimited Off-Road Racing we are dedicated to delivering exhilarating yet safe racing experiences. We urge all participants to join us in this commitment, ensuring every race is not just a competition, but a celebration of responsible off-road racing.

Mint 400 Waiver Pick-Up Locations:

Both the adult and minor waivers are available to sign online at the buttons below: